There are a lot of people who are into gardening, but they aren’t aware of the fact that culinary herbs can be utilized for medical purposes. Basically, you can grow your own medicinal garden and reap the benefits of the herbs. Most of the culinary herbs you grow in the backyard handle northern climate successfully, so you don’t have to worry about weather conditions. If you live in an apartment, you can easily grow herbs in pots, just for personal use. So, let’s see which culinary herbs have healing properties.


post7aParsley is an herb that contains the biggest amounts of vitamin c in nature. We use it to add flavor to our meals and decorate them. But, apart from having a great taste, this herb can heal many health issues. For example, if you have urinary problems or an intestinal worm, then parsley can help you a lot. It can boost up your immune system and help you go through flu season much easier. You can prepare a parsley tea and solve your health problems in a couple of weeks.

Coriander seeds

This plant will help you reduce flatulence, indigestion, and colic, it will stimulate digestive functions and improve your appetite. Before every meal, you can drink tea made of coriander seeds. Put one table spoon of coriander seeds into a cup of boiling water and let it sit for 15 minutes. On the other hand, coriander leaves are essential in every diet because they will detoxify your entire body. Both seeds and leaves can be used for urinary infections.

Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds will help you relieve gas and bloating in the digestive system. It is a helpful remedy for nausea or morning sickness. It is also used against inflammation processes in the mouth, and they can prevent the teeth decaying. This is one of the reasons why cumin seeds are used as tooth powders and in many mouth rinses. When seeds are crushed and mixed with water they can serve as a pain reliever and this mixture can be applied over the muscles. But when it’s combined with red onion it can be an excellent way to improve your circulation.

post7bOregano leaves

This is probably one of the most popular spices out here, and people use it in various meals. But, oregano also has powerful healing properties. It works as anti – inflammatory and antibiotic substance in your body. Oregano is used to decrease fever and sweating, but also it can treat different types of inflammation of mouth and throat. You can make oregano tea, or you can buy tincture from wild oregano that has enhanced healing properties.

Mint leaves

Another favorite herb and it has a refreshing taste and cooling effect. The most traditional use of this herb is mint tea. It can treat cold and sore throat and it a perfect refreshment during the long winter months. You just make the regular tea and enjoy its taste while this herb does the job.