Medicinal herbs have been used for centuries as home remedies. The healing properties of herbs have the ability to relieve the pain, reduce the blood sugar and cholesterol and prevent many conditions. Every day scientists are discovering some new plant of herb that has amazing healing potential and some of them even have the ability to kill the cancer cells. The great thing about herbs is that they don’t have harmful side – effects, but, you need to find the herb that will match your condition. In, this article, we are going to show you some plants, which can help you enrich your home medical kit.


post3aFor years now, we have been hearing about turmeric and how healthy it’s for our body. This is a yellow spice used in curry, and it contains curcumin, and it has strong anti – inflammatory features. Turmeric can help you with arthritis because it relieves the pain, but also it is used to treat the colon cancer. Recent studies also discovered that turmeric could help with Alzheimer disease. If you want to increase the benefits of this plant, then you should add turmeric to your meals whenever you can.


For people who are suffering from elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, the cinnamon is the right solution to start your treatment. Considering that it’s a natural remedy, it can be combined with other traditional drugs. If order to maximize the benefits, you can use 1 gram of cinnamon per day, and if you are suffering from cholesterol, the recommended doses are 6 grams per day.


We all enjoy eating roasted meat, but not many of us know that high temperature creates HCA, harmful substances, called carcinogens which can be found in many cancers. But, the levels of HCA are significantly reduced when we add rosemary to our meals. Apart from giving the excellent flavor, rosemary will keep you protected from this lethal disease. On the other hand, if you use rosemary extract, it protects the entire body and enables the carcinogens to bind to DNA. If you want to reduce HCA, then you should marinate the meat in the mixture that contains rosemary, before frying.

St. John’s Wort

You probably have heard that this herb has the power to heal the moderate depression and anxiety and without causing many side – effects, unlike many traditional drugs. Apart from these features, this herb can help you sleep better, by increasing the hormone called melatonin.post3c To increase the benefits of this herb, take 300mg, three times a day.  But, before taking St. John’s Wort, make sure to check with your doctor because it’s has shown to interact with several prescribed medications.


If you are experiencing the drinking problems, then we might have found the solution for you. Based on some study, the herb has the power to reduce the intake of alcohol in one week. The recommended doses are three capsules which contain 500 mg of Kudzu, three times a day.