We are all aware that medicinal herbs have healing properties, but how exactly do they heal our body. When we think about it, can dried leaves and roots fix some major health problems? Do they have some invisible radiation or they have some chemical compounds which can benefit your whole body? For years we have been hearing about medicinal herbs and how they can make wonders, but, should we neglect the traditional medicine and turn to alternative one. In this article, we will try to disclose the entire process behind fully.

Body contacts

post9bIn order to treat any condition, you need to bring the herb in touch with your body. Various factors can influence this state, for example, do you know how to prepare herbal medicine and do you know the proper process of application? If you are still new in this, it’s entirely possible that medicinal herbs won’t have any influence on you. On the other hand, if you are fully prepared, and you know how this whole process works, then you are on the right path. It is important to be aware of different selection of herbs, and each of them has their use. So, you need to find the one which will match your condition.

It will take you some time

Unlike traditional drugs, medicinal herbs take longer to work. Based on some studies, patients start to experience the first results in six months. The reason why this happens is that herbs don’t have the same strength as drugs and they have an influence on several body functions at the same time. During this process, you will have to be persistent and patient, especially if you are drinking teas because the healing properties are decreased due to a use of water. Again, depending on your condition and which herb you are using, within first two weeks you will be able to notice whether some herbal medicine works for you or not. If you suspect even the slightest alteration that is not good for you, stop taking the herb right away.

post9aCreams and tinctures

We would say that tinctures have the strongest effect on the human body because they have the biggest concentration of healing properties, they are usually longest to make. If you want a high – quality herbal tincture, you will need at least 40 days because during that time the plants sit in alcohol or olive oils and release essential oils and the longer they stay, the better they are. On the other creams are created to treat some skin condition, and in a majority of cases, we have herbal creams even in the traditional medicine. But, compared to traditional medicine, hand – made herbs have a better impact on our body because we use the whole plants to make creams, which is not the case with traditional medicine. Nowadays, you can find so many recipes online and make your own cream, and you will need just a couple of ingredients and a little bit of your time.