Both, pharmaceutical and herbal medicines are a huge business in America. Nearly $200 billion of dollars, every year, Americans spend on prescribed drugs and $20 billion on herbal ones. When we are facing some health problem, we always search for the fastest and the most efficient solution, whether it’s a drug, food, or medicine. In most cases, people turn to herbal medicines because they are the safest solution and they don’t have side – effects. The major difference is the price; medicinal herbs cost far less than prescribed medications. But, what is more, efficient and who should we trust?

Lest look at the facts and determine which is better

Advantages of medicinal herbs

post18aMost of the prescribed medicines that we take nowadays are made from the plants, nothing new is created in laboratories. Scientists wonder through forests, jungles, rivers, and wetlands to find new herbs which will use against viruses and bacteria. Natural medicine is the basis for the traditional one. The only difference, which herbs you are taking 100% natural product, instead of one which has been processed in a laboratory.

In addition to this, medicinal herbs have gone through the most rigorous clinical trial, considering that people have been using them for thousands of years. All side – effects and inconvenience have been well documented. If you compare this to a ten-week clinical trial, most pharmaceutical companies perform before they puss the product on the market, we could say, that this comparison is meaningless.

In the end, always remember that medicinal herbs multiple effects on your body, when you take one herbal medicine, it can soothe various symptoms.

In favor of pharmaceutical drugs

The biggest concern that has been following medicinal herbs is that most of them aren’t register with the FDA. Unless you have some professional, who will recommend you which herb to take, this could be very dangerous. post18bDepending on your condition and the severity of your illness, always consult your doctor before you decide to take some herbal medicine. Some herbs can be very dangerous when they are mixed with traditional drugs.

Also, with medications, you are getting exactly what you want because scientists isolate active ingredients to make the medicine stronger. With them, you will feel the instant relief, while with the herbal medicines you will have to wait much longer. But, many herbalists will disagree with this statement because when you isolate all active ingredients, you are losing all vitamins and minerals.

In conclusion, you need to find the way that best work for your body. But, if you are suffering from some severe condition, don’t take matters into your hands, but talk to your doctors, he will propose you the best solution.

Of course, the herbs are perfect for some mild cases, like colds, pain, flu, fever, but when we are talking about cancers and tumors, things tend to be complicated. We often hear remarkable stories how patients in terminating stages managed to cure themselves, but how big is that number?