Nowadays, most people live in apartments, and they don’t have a lot of space for additional activities of hobbies and gardening in one of them. But, even if you have a tiny flat, you always have a space for pot or two of useful herbs which can improve your health. They don’t require a lot of attention, and you just have to water them regularly. If you are interested in herbs you can grow on your own, then read our list below.


post2aThis herb has a lot of healing properties, and it can improve the lack of appetite, help with flatulence and ease the pain of cuts and scrapes. But, that’s not only thing basil do because there are a couple of ways how to intake this herb. You can make a basil tea, but you need to wait until the plant is completely dry, use only flowers for this purpose. Or, you can mix it in some of the meals and drinks. Basil is especially beneficial for women because it can improve the hormonal balance in the body and prevent serious conditions from developing.


The flowers of this plant are the most important parts when you are trying to use its healing purposes. Chamomile has been used for ages, and many nations discovered its use in medicine. It can help you relieve some ingestion and colic problems, as well as, help you reduce anxiety and tension. The best way to use chamomile is like tea, and it is one of the rare teas you can drink all the time.


If during winter months you suffer from cold and flu, then this medicinal herb is the right choice for you. It will boost up your immune system and help you recover faster. You can also use it as prevention if you want to avoid going to a doctor as soon as the flu season starts. In this case, your body will be stronger, and you will be able to battle many bacterial and viral infections.


Feverfew is commonly used as a tea and only its flowers. On the other hand, if you are often suffering from the headaches, you chew the leaves to relieve the pain. This herb has also shown progress with arthritis and different skin conditions.


post2cThis herb is only used in oils and creams, and it showed wonders with skin conditions. It is great for eczema, skin blemishes and helps decrease the phlegm. If you have problems with depigmentation of acne, then you should try the cream made of this herb.

Lemon Balm

A distant relative of mint, lemon balm has many healing benefits. You can use it for many purposes, for example, to relieve anxiety and insomnia, with wounds, insect bites, herpes, and stomachache. It also increases the healing of cold sores.


A great plant for your skin, if you have an acne problem, sunburns or blemishes, marigold will remove everything and protect your skin from outside influence.