If you already have space and you want to grow your own medicinal garden, then we have some useful tips for you. You don’t have to go big, just take some small piece of the land and try to devote your time to it. Even though these herbs don’t require a lot of attention, they do need a lot of love and dedication, if you want to achieve your goal. So, here is what you should do, with the small piece of land that you have.

Select the herbs first

post13aBefore engaging on this trip, make sure to choose the plants first. In this way, you will be able to determine who much space you need. Since this is a medicinal garden, make sure to choose your herbs wisely. Of course, depending on your condition and what you are trying to heal or prevent, some plants may need bigger space, then the one you initially planned. In this case, it would be best to choose medicinal herbs which have versatile use and can be utilized for various conditions at the same time. In this way, you will save on space, and you would be able to add many other herbs.

Prepare the land

Some herbs don’t require a high – quality land to develop, while others might be a bit challenging. So, before you start planting, make sure to analyze your land, so its structure what needs to be improved. There are specialized facilities, which are part of agriculture system of one country when you can take the land, and the expert who is working there will tell you it features. If you need to add some fertilizers, make sure to use organic ones. Otherwise, you might damage healing properties of the herbs. You need to be very careful when dealing with the land because the plants absorb almost anything from it, and if you want to use them for healing and prevention, then you need to make sure your soil is healthy.

post13bBe careful with insecticides and fungicides

We thought this should be important to mention since you are growing medicinal plants. At any case, you should use chemicals on your herbs because it will not only decrease the healing properties, but your plants will become toxic. In some way, this is an organic product, so you need to find the natural solution to deal with these problems. Fortunately, can consult many experts regarding this issue, or you should make your own products, which will be harmless to the plants and you.

Know when to plant

For most herbs, the best planting time is the early spring. But, some of them are planted in a late autumn. It all depends on whether the plant is perennial or seasonal. If you plant an herb in a wrong time, you are risking its performance during the years. When you are buying the herbs, make sure to know their planting time and how to plant them properly.