Nature holds many secrets to our health. Unfortunately, many of those herbs go undetected. Considering the surface of the Earth, every year, scientists discover thousands of new herbs and plants, which features they are yet to explore. The cause for any illness may depend on person’s lifestyle, genetics, environmental toxins, and infections. You can never determine the actual cause because we live in a world where everything is polluted. But, what we can do is to isolate the stress and try to prevent many illnesses by using medicinal herbs. One cup of tea every morning won’t take you more than five minutes. Make sure to plan your life and adopt some healthy habits in your everyday routine. So, here are some herbs which can be more efficient than any pharmaceutical drug out there.


post20aBerberine is a compound found in goldenseal, Oregon grapes, Chinese goldthread and in many berry plants. Berberine has been used in India and China for many years now for many illnesses. And it can be compared to many pharmaceutical drugs. The main benefits of this compound are: it regulates the blood sugar as well as cholesterol, it reduces inflammation, it’s rich in antioxidants, and it has antimicrobial properties. But, many people have been wondering, does this compound actually work?

Based on some study, scientists compared the effects of Berberine to prescribed medication. In this case, they wanted to the patients who are suffering from an elevated cholesterol, and the results were stunning. Berberine managed to decrease the cholesterol by 31%, more than any standard medicine. By using Berberine and drugs together, they even got a better result; the cholesterol decreased by 37%.

Another study explored patients who suffered from a heart failure, resulting in weak muscle. 156 patients who have been tested, used Berberine for two years, the study showed improvement in heart strength, they were able to walk sooner, and there were fewer deaths. Not a bad performance for one herb.


post20bBergamot is a plant that looks like a lemon, and it originates from Southern Italy. You may be familiar with this herb because its oil is often to tea or perfume. Like berberine, this herb has shown an incredible progress with patients who are struggling with blood sugar, inflammation and vessel activity.

Many scientists have confirmed the positive benefits of this plant on a human body. In a recent study, 77 patients, who were suffering from high cholesterol, and were subjected to the research. They were divided into two groups; one group was taking only a prescribed drug, while other was combining medicine with Bergamot. The group which used mixed method showed better progress and their level of cholesterol was reduced. Apart from this, Bergamot managed to improve their blood vessels. This plant also has the power to balance the body weight and help you lose some pounds. If this doesn’t give it extraordinary healing properties, then we don’t know what does.