Many people enjoy drinking teas during the cold winter months, but they are also an excellent drink during hot summer days. When you add a couple of cubes of ice, you will get a perfect ice tea, which will provide your refreshment when the summer comes. If you grow common medicinal herbs in your gardens, such as mint and chamomile, then you have all the ingredients for homemade herbal infusion. Here are the five most common medicinal herbs you can use for teas and prepare yourself a nice refreshment during the hot days.


post17aMins the most obvious choice of a summer tea, it is refreshing and cooling, whether you drink it as ice tea, or regular tea. Hot mint tea is excellent for summertime colds and sore throat, it can improve your digestive functions in the body, and help you eliminate nausea. Also, you don’t have any limitation when a mint tea is in order; you can drink it as much as you can. This is a great refreshment for a hot day, if you are drinking ice mint tea, add some fresh leaves of mint, it will intensify the flavor, and it will serve as a beautiful decoration.

Lemon Balm

Same as mint, lemon balm has an excellent taste when it’s served with ice. This is a medicinal herb which has great healing properties, and it can boost up your mood and eliminate sadness. Lemon balm has a citrus flavor and infusion made from this herb and soothes a headache, you can also drink this tea when you have some cold or fever. It will decrease the symptoms of cold and leave you in a better mood.


Many summertime flowers are great additions to many herbal teas. Lavender tea is perfect for calming your nerves and providing you a good night sleep, and it’s a great stress relief. You can add dry lavender flowers to many medicinal herbs, it will not only create a unique flavor, but it will also provide you healing properties which will affect your nervous system. Lavender is often used when you want to soothe a headache and lower down your anxiety.


Rose is highly sought-after ingredient all over the world. Rose petals are often mixed with other medicinal herbs because it adds fragrance and flavor to your herbal infusion. This plant is especially good for women, it balances their menstrual cycle and acts as a tonic for the female reproductive organs. Rose keeps them healthy and protected. If you have problems with menstrual cramps, then you better start using rose every day.


The most famous tea of them all, chamomile is a perfect refreshment, it relaxes and soothes your entire body. Chamomile is very beneficial during diarrhea and indigestion. Same as mint, you can drink this tea as much as you like, it doesn’t have any side – effects. If you are feeling stressed during the day, drink one cup of chamomile tea before you go to bed, it will calm your nerves and provide you better sleep.