Many people don’t have required space to grow herbs, we mostly live in apartments or have small backyards. But, this situation shouldn’t limit our desire to grow medicinal plants because now there are plants which can perfectly adapt to urban conditions. If you are already in this group, then we have a perfect solution for you. Not you can grow herbs in limited space, and we are going to give you the list of plants which are quite easy to maintain.

Anise hyssop

post12aThis is probably one of the easiest plants to grow because it doesn’t require a lot of attention. It has a delicious taste, and you can add it as a refreshment to many drinks, during hot summer days. Anise hyssop lasts only for three years and can be grown in most climates. If you want to buy dry leaves of this herb, you will have to dig a bit because it’s difficult to find and it has become trendy in culinary circles. The leaves of this herb are a gentle remedy for a cough, colds, insomnia, and indigestion. So, at the same time, you will enjoy the great flavor and heal your body.


We all know how basil is famous all over the world, but this herb is also very easy to grow. It lasts for one year, and you can grow it in a pot, or stick it directly into the ground. You don’t need any special maintenance, just water it every day because it likes water. Basil is highly apricated in culinary cycles, and it gives perfect aroma to many meals. But, basil also has healing properties, when it’s used as a tea. It can decrease the side – effects of chemotherapy, reduce sickens and improve digestion. Women had also experienced the benefits of basil when they had problems with ovaries and hormones.

post12bBee Balm and Wild Bergamot

The bergamot also goes by the name bee balm. The flowers of this herb are edible and can be added to any meal. On the other hand, we shouldn’t neglect the aromatic leaves which have been used in medicine of Native American for years. The bergamot can be harvested through entire season, and it is suitable for a small garden. The herb has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which can heal many viruses and bacteria in your body.


Calendula has a versatile use, and it’s very convenient for every apartment. For years this has been used as a traditional remedy to heal wounds, burns, and rashes. Calendula is an excellent herb for your immune system and lifting up your mood. This herb is rich in antioxidants so that you can use it in many meals or as a salad.


Lemongrass grows three to five meters tall so that it wouldn’t be appropriate for apartments, but, if you have a small garden in your backyard, you can easily grow lemongrass. It can battle many health problems, such as a headache, stress, insomnia, colds, and flu.